Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feeling Under The Weather

The heat for this Chinese New Year has been very very scarily bad. With the constant visits to places and too much of festive food (mostly deep fried and heaty), quite a number of people fall sick, including me.

I haven't been feeling so badly sick for quite a while. It all started since Sunday when my throat start having the burning feel and nose got blocked. I know I lose the battle with the virus.

Things got worst on Tuesday when I used my strength and voice for performance rehearsal on Monday night. Now that even I am on medication the feeling of uncomfortable is still making me feel weaker and weaker.

Global warming is killing mankind slowly...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Art of Expression

Last Friday I had a very wonderful lunch. It wasn't the food I am referring to, but the person who I had lunch with - Venerable Ji Xing.

There were a couple of things he mentioned but today I would like to talk about one thing - Talking, because something just happened moment ago reminds me about it. Reverend said, "you often heard people say "I've told you so a thousand times but you just never listen to me" right?", I smiled and nodded. This is no stranger to anyone.

He continued, "Well come to think of it, if one has repeated so many times and people still not listening perhaps it's the speaker's problem?"

Of course a conversation relies on both parties' participation to work - the speaker speaks and listener listens. So both have to make the communication work by having this bridge between two so that the meaning can be expressed and received at the same time.

If one listen to one and never listen to another, who is the one with problem then? If one refuse to listen to anyone but demand everyone to listen, who is the on with problem then?

It is very important to convey the message appropriately so that proper communication can take place.

(from right downward to left downward)
Speak slowly on urgent matter;
Speak clearly on important matter;
Speak humorously on small matter;
Speak carefully on unsure matter;
Speak nothing on matter that did not happen;
Do not simply speak on matter that cannot be done;
Do not speak on harmful matter;
Speak to the right person on unwelcome matter;
Speak at the right occasion on happy matter;
Do not speak to everyone on sad matter;
Speak wisely on others' matter;
Listen to the heart's speak on own matter;
Speak afterward on present matter;
Speak later on future matter; and
By all means, please speak to me if there is any disagreement with me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Twin Flame

According to wikipedia, a twin-flame has a similar meaning to "soulmate", except it seems another level higher. Wikipedia says "(for soulmate) is somebody with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and/or compatibility. Whereas a related concept of the twin flame or twin soul is thought to be the ultimate soulmate, the one and only other half of one's soul, for which all souls are driven to find and join".

However, not everyone who uses these terms intends them to carry such mystical connotations.

In layman term, perhaps it means "the perfect partner" (ahh... much simpler and easier to say and understand too, don't you think?), you know through a series of "unfortunate events" in meeting the wrong people until someone right comes into life. Although the word "perfect" is very interesting, and catchy, for instance does PERFECT PARTNER mean "flawless person " or "complementing to bring out the best" to you (see the extreme in two expectations?)? Anyway for good or worse I think we somehow have to take the guts to choose otherwise we will never know who is right for us.

In a romantic relationship CHEMISTRY is the most important part, apart from having INTELLECTUAL COMPATIBLE as an significant added advantage. Because loving someone means accepting that person the way he/she is and bring out the best in themselves to grow/evolve, only chemistry is the key to these doors which act like the potion that make 1+1 to result in infinity possibilities.

Life is a journey we go through different experiences to understand everything is equally important to make life up. That is why everyone should let the difference in qualities to complement one another and let the feelings flow direct right through without hesitance. Everything in this world is less important when one's life is not shared by another person who make you feel COMPLETE.

And suddenly I thought of something:

Sunday, February 14, 2010


It means "wishing you" (especially during Chinese New Year) in mandarin. So when people say "GONG XI FA CAI", it means people is wishing a happiness and prosperity.

This is what Chinese do during Chinese New Year. It is very much like "Happy New Year" when people meet one another during 1st of January, but this one has a specific topic - fortune.

Everybody wishes to have great abundance and joy.

May this year of Tiger brings you lots and lots of everything. Also, Happy Valentine's Day!!

caption: red packet, given as a mean of sending wishes

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


It's Chinese New Year around the corner, every household is having their year end clearance - cleaning up the house.

It was since 2 years ago when my big younger brother found a part-time cleaner to come to our office cum house to do cleaning. So slowly we have adapted the habit of having someone to help maintain the house's cleanliness instead of us doing the sweeping and mopping and window-washing.

At first mom was rather reluctant to have a stranger coming to our house who practically accessing every single corner of the house unattended. She had heard too many bad incidents but somehow we talked her through as none of us at home is a good cleaner (we do disaster better) and she'd never have to grumble so much seeing all the mess and never manage to have the tidiness for too long. Besides, we also got a good point - age is catching up for her so she should rest instead of doing the housework after she finishes working.

We like kakak and we think she likes us too. She's paid RM5o plus one meal covered per day job. As she lives in the vicinity, it seems no trouble for her to keep her routine until lately which I bet too many household need helper to preparing their house to welcome the biggest day of the year. Kakak is over-0ccupied with work at other places until she couldn't come to ours. That is when the whole thing start - (now I only know not only it is difficult for a stranger to get mom's trust, the same distrust is also applicable to dad!) Kakak recommended her sister to help us out but instead of paying by job she's charging by hour. She charges RM10/hour whereas kakak takes RM50/day.

I do not know what is the twist-and-turn in dad's and mom's mind but the final decision made this morning is to not take kakak's sister for the house cleaning. Reason: MYSTERY (although dad first said it's mom who doesn't trust another stranger and also he wants someone to clean up the office instead of the rooms upstair; and mom claims it's dad's idea of not taking substitute as solution).

I was talking with dad about the issue and I said, "just because of all the uncompromising excuses and principles, the consequence leaves mom to do all the work".

He kept silent.

He knows his extremist character is, although on one hand defended his principle but on the other hand, creating others trouble.

I walked out from his room and went upstairs. Without another word, I picked up the pail and fill it with soap water - although I have a bad back, I just won't bear seeing my mom doing all the work herself.

All these troubles can be avoided if only dad understands and practices moderation.

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Garden Wedding Party

Sometimes it is amazing when realizing "everything happens for a good reason" because only then we see the real purpose and reason of why something happen.

Take for example, yesterday me and Joie had a very very beautiful wedding party at the Spice Garden Penang. There were approximately 17 person including ourselves, my 2 brothers and Cindy, Jennifer my dearest darling, PeiLing the wise (but always claim herself as kindy level student), Joanne the big fan of fairies (a.k.a. SOTONG {malay for Squid, which means always blur blur}), Joanna the cheeky darling with her honey-bunny, Vicky who never fail to cheer us up with her very natural sense of humour, Wendy the Penangiting videography producer who travel to Penang like coming home, Adelena who always share the laughter with Lifeworkers, Tristen the stoner and of course Uncle and Aunty. We have very special friend too - Kate from the UK who's Jenn's guest (that makes me miss Paul suddenly, and that naughty little Bernard).

Too bad Pamela and KG weren't around or it'll be another great outing for Lifeworkers.

It all started because Jenn, Joanna and PeiLing couldn't make it to our wedding because they have trip going on during then so they have decided to make it up to us by hosting a wedding party specially for the group of close friends to share the afternoon together.

They decorated the table and seats and have everyone dressed in the theme color of our wedding - white and tiffany blue.

We were happier than words could describe because we initially wanted to have our wedding reception there and have approached the place only to find out it cannot cater for more than 80 people so we have to move on with other places. But little did we know the absence of them on our wedding was actually a beautiful arrangement for us to be able to have our wedding celebration at the Spice Garden without fail!

So, we had our garden+poolside wedding at the hotel and also garden style at where we wanted to celebrate our marriage!

What can we say beside our heartiest gratitude and appreciation seeing everyone contributed their effort in making such a beautiful picture, like the one we had before at the hotel?

With our love, we are very thankful to have you all in our lives. Thank you all so much!!!