Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As We Age, We Forget Things...

            Such as the innocence to feel happy even for a little deed or accomplishment we have done.

            The other day I brought lunch to Joie and John when they were busy working on doing photo-shooting for a pair of lovely couple. I saw them trying capture the "split second" which projects the essence of true beauty and after many attempts where I helped hold up the veil, release it on the count and run away from being caught in the picture I saw one very very beautiful reaction by John, my youngest brother.

            He hold both his hand high up in the sky (with his camera) and start jumping in circles for joy - he has caught the moment that he likes.

            I will never forget that image.

            Often we are overwhelmed by so much expectations to meet and obligations to fulfill we stress ourselves to forgetting a little act of happiness means so much to our heart. It gives us the pleasure that is irreplaceable with anything else.

            It may not seem significant, not to the extend of making big money or paying bills but the accumulated little joyful things are meaningful enough to give us the sense of purpose in things we are passionate about.

            Most of all, it reminds us: we are the difference we want to see.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

There Is No Boundary

Sometimes life can be a little difficult when things do not turn out the way we hoped it would. While most of the time the feeling of defeat and worry about what bet have we left for the coming challenges is driving us to the edge of falling, the real reason of stirring our stomach is always losing control.

The gap between effort and result is way too far apart that it ultimately taking all efforts into insignificance.

When the results are not promising it is almost like a big pile of disappointment appearing like a stack of thick blankets oppressing over the chest causing this suffocating gasps.

I stood by a tree the other day watching its tentacles-like "leaves" growing upwards. I observed how it is showered by the warm sun and move along as the breeze flow, and listened to its whispers of the rustling.

And then, I see hope.

I see life.

Friday, March 11, 2011


When the breaking news make such announcement that Japan experienced a 8.9 degree earthquake and tsunami hit the shore flooded the farms many other places, my memory gone back to 2004 when that earthquake has caused many casualties in India, Indonesia and affected some part of Penang, my home land.

Seeing that big water rushing in covering and flushing away things it can reach, everything immediately shrunk to become miniature standing in front of a giant almost being crushed with just a small act.

Right now I sincerely hoping people from the affected area will stay strong.

picture taken from yahoo

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What's life?

Oh, it has passed midnight so the following stuff is considered yesterday then.

I had a very wonderful conversation in the afternoon with a patient-turn-into-friend. She was my dad's patient and now she had become a family friend to us. The face to face chat was incredible because I realized all the little things in life can actually make up to very very useful knowledge. And the best part of it is: they are all everyday thing.

And we always thought "day in day out nothing is interesting if it is not big".

So what about life? Take it easy, but not lightly. Many confuse being easy going and not serious. Well, we can be serious and easy going at the same time. Serious in treating life as a very precious and valuable journey that we should waste no time on not paying attention; at the same time taking it easily so that we don't choke ourselves to death when we come across challenges or obstacles and failures.

Being serious doesn't mean having prejudice and/or discriminating others when the common understanding/value conflict. And so it is always the first thing to remember: we aren't here to not do mistakes but to learn to understand what mistake is.

Pain is part of life. It is through surviving the pain we understand what we have earned so that we know how important wisdom is in our life.

I thanked her for sharing, because she not only taught me the experiences she have but also given me such a big reminder: stay young at heart in order to keep on learning. So that the mind doesn't get filthy by arrogance and egoism, which usually possessed by habitually-complacent adult.

Be at the moment and always learn. Breakthrough is a joyful thing.

Friday, March 04, 2011

LOVE is a Constant Working On It Thing

One of my best friends' best friend (we are friends but aren't besties just yet) went to Maldives for her honeymoon and she captured a lot of wonderful pictures.

There is one particular picture than she tagged me in, in which she claimed it to be a "reminder" for my husband to bring me there (*which I thank her so much for that). The other reason that she did that tagging was probably the light-writing thing was something we had them doing when taking the pre-wedding photos. But because the result wasn't really satisfying so we ended up did not use in compiling the album.

And so she did, write that word again and capture the picture for us to see.

Although the outcome did not turn out perfect but it triggered something very valuable:

           Darren (the husband): practice make perfect. Thanks to our wedding photo shooting lesson.
           Venn (the wife): after so many times, I still cannot get it nice....dumb.
           Joie (my husband): Keep on practicing. Just like LOVE, need to constantly work together on it.