Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anton Chekhov's "3 Sisters"

I am taking part in a theatre play, script by Anton Chekhov titled "Three Sisters". This script is about 100 years old yet the story is still applicable today.

So what is it about the script that live almost forever? The story about "Three Sisters" is emphasizing heavily on human's attitude and nature - we long for what we don't have, mourn what we have lost, and never in time to cherish what we have.

Life vanishes with time. Without noticing how fast we lost it, we tend to place ourselves in the pathetically wrong position, watching age and all that happening around us eat us all up.

Watched the animation "UP"? Here I excerpt a part of the movie that talks about the life we have.

By the way, my play is held at P.Ramlee Theatre Penang, from 9th-11th July. Please come!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The A-Team

Watching some remake old movie is a joy. First you get to recall the times you had before, second you get to see the difference, much more on the effects, and most of all, it is like having a cuppa coffee that make your smile crawl up your face without knowing why.

Movie like The A-Team is much more on entertainment so it is important that audience get to sit back and enjoy the show.

And I did.

Seeing all characters coming alive once again, what's more is they are given a better enhance in their personality.

Watched the movie? Please go if you have not.

Oh just FYI, the old A-Team is still in the movie business. For instance, Templeton "Faceman" Peck actually played as the Pensacola Prisoner Milt; Mad Murdock was the German Doctor in the very same movie; Baracus (by Mr. T) had his voice presented in "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"; except for Mr. Hannibal who's passed away in 1994.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Love We Share

Gap comes in when understanding/interest does not match.

Both me and Joie are 1 year in different. We have the same passion for stage performance, we love photography, we love seeing the world, we like to go movies and we enjoy spending time leaning on one another reading books.

Although I am more active, extrovert and outspoken while he is rather a listener and towards passive when it comes to expression we see these differences in us as complements to each other. We do quarrel of course, but our focus are set on bringing out the truth and not throwing temper for emotional purposes. Conflicts allow us to learn more about what we don't know and disagreements show us the importance of finding solutions together.

As much as we walk the path together holding hands wherever we go we appreciate the love and bond we share by talking our heart out and listen passionately.

taken in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
while waiting for boarding to returning home

Nothing comes for free.

Gap only comes in if understanding/interest finds no way to match between the two.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Never Ever Give Up

I have always appreciate inspirations. I think it is the most amazing and incredible thing in the world because it not only allows one to contemplate but also to realizing the importance of exploring the potentials.

Although I am not a dancer myself and I haven't been trained in dance in my entire life, one of the many things that touches my heart is dance and I particularly in the connection with the genre of Contemporary Dance (and that perhaps explains why I am attracted to my husband). I couldn't explain what I see in Contemporary Dance as it isn't so much on the eye but rather towards that part right inside. To me it touches me deep down because it's filled with emotion and thinking that is always being carried out with well established techniques that expresses one truthfully.

In Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance, Mia Michaels had to go to one of the potential top 10 finalist to deliver disappointment. This contestant did not make it this round although he'd worked very very hard to cope with the Las Vegas filtration round with his injured leg. After she's done with the announcement, she had this line delivered to him (Anthony Burrell).

"The stuff that we go through our lives, the negatives the knocks we can choose to take us down or we can choose to stand up rise up and make us even more brilliant and more beautiful."

It may seem ordinary and sound almost like every other line of inspirational quotes but to a contestant who wanted the opportunity so badly it could be the one line that keep the spirit high in order to continue fighting until victory arrives.

One of the 11 finalists (the judges have decided to make an additional room) Alexie Agdeppa was cut during the previous auditions for up to 4 seasons, and one of it was already at the doorstep to entering top20 in last season, but nothing beats her. She keep coming back until she finally got it through this round.

Nothing beats the heart that never give up.

And that is my favorite.

Monday, June 14, 2010

See It, Feel It, Live It

Sometimes we thought we know life so well until we forgot we ought to look at it carefully. We live everyday like it's endless although we know death is the only verdict. Because we don't know when is the end so we tend to use the overall average figure as a standard of consideration.

And that is where the problem is.

We presume we have at least 70 years of living. That's 25,550 days or 613,200 hours or 36,792,000 minutes or 2,207,520,000 seconds. Assuming we have spent (averagely) about 24 years on pursuing our education, we are still left with 46 years of time (assuming we live until 70), which is 16,790 days or 402,960 hours, that is quite a number of time we still have.

We take this as the basis to plan for lives, very unlikely taking in "WHAT IF IT DOESN'T WORK OUT THE WAY I EXPECT IT TO BE" as one of the conditions that might probably be the cause of unpredictable turmoil to put all things to the end.

"What if there is no tomorrow?"

Living in present does not mean taking care of today only. Instead it means taking the present moment as the stepping stone of reaching the next. That brings the same meaning of "Build a big house with a blueprint and start by little bricks". We decide how we want our lives to become by drawing the blueprint of our own, set a time frame for the completion, then work on every single effort to accomplish it.

The key to setting a right and effective way to making things happen determines how successful a person can be.

That is life.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Feeling of Longing for Home

I've been staying in different places since young age. Not that my family moved a lot, rather it's however me who'd been migrating from one place to another before I finally reach home. What makes me going around the places?

My parents didn't abandon me, I must clarify in the first place. Instead it's because of the school that they've decided to send me had put me through the living away from home. My house was in Bukit Mertajam (mainland) while I was studying on the island. They wanted me to be educated in a good school and so they have no choice but to put me away from them.

I didn't understand their intention during then and my childhood was filled with disappointment and sadness whenever I thought of myself staying alone with other relatives while my 2 younger brothers get to run into my parents' arms everyday.

My first time living away from home was very young at the age of 7 and all first grades are in the afternoon. The time I got off from school and arrived at my relative's place, instead of my home where my parents were, was when the sun's setting. It is when I have this feeling of loneliness longing for going home since then. It is always at the particular time of the day when the sun is going down and birds are flying in group returning home that gives me this feeling.

It is as if my feeling has gone back to the time when I wanted so badly to go back my own home instead of returning to a house filled with many busy relatives who all have their own life to take care of.

Although I have moved back home since my teen age and recently got married my heart still feeling that longing. Perhaps it is because we haven't got our own place yet. Having a place where heart rests and feeling resides is very important. It gives not only the sense of security and belonging but also acts as the foundation of bond and the platform of getting the achievements in life.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

What Had Been Going On since...

Like being claimed by my youngest brother we hardly sit together in front of the TV and watch HBO although we subscribe that channel. The trip to Bangkok has not only got us into a wonderful family trip since many years but we get to spend some time watching HBO together.

It's a miniseries called The Pacific, which has 2 brilliant person as the Executive Producer - Steven Spieldberg and Tom Hanks.

I am not a war movie fan and I didn't really follow this miniseries but someone got my attention and we thought the movie was interesting in its own way. Anyway this someone that caught my eye was a pretty decent looking young man. He played one of the roles from the real history and I thought he seem familiar. So I went on to imdb to confirm if he's the one I thought he is and you go, let's see if you can recognize him...

I bet many can recall by now he has his look hidden somewhere in our head by probably the name is still missing because we may not have paid enough attention on the actors' names during then.

The episode I watched was part 9 and 10 so although I didn't know what was going on earlier but I get to see how they come home after 4 years serving the war and deal with the post-war-trauma as well as picking up the family life they have become unfamiliar.

Anyway, anyone who want to learn more about the movie please go on and look for it. The point here is to talk about this face.

Any clue?

Here, let me show you another picture so that you have see more clearly...

His name is Joe Mazzello (just remind me about Mozzarella though), he was the kid on played in Jurrassic Park back in 1993. Here, this picture should clear everything...


Sometimes we just never realize how life slipped us through by living everyday life fulfilling every obligations we have not remembering how we wanted our lives to be until some familiar faces appear reminding us the time we see ourselves in those long forgotten dreams.

He's all grown up. Borned in 1983 he's 27 now. Can picture how time flies?

So what had been going on in your life since then? Is there anything you need to put your feet back on the ground and start figuring out how to make your dreams happen again?
By the way, there is never a win in war. And, watch this miniseries.