Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dream It, Earn It, Live It

Do you still remember what's your dream when you were young? You know when your teacher asked you to write about your ambition, about who you want to become when you grow up.

You probably living what you've dreamed, or you are still working towards that goal, or to some people they have left their dream behind since way too long to remember.

We all dream but the difference between us is: how persistence are we towards this dream that we are having.

As soon as I know this movie is finally screening here in Malaysia, I have without second thought bought 5 tickets for all of us to watch it.

The movie never cease to entertain as well as being a good story to inspire and probably to remind many people about dreams. Most of all, it clearly stresses the importance of being able not only dreaming, but also working on the dream to achieving them.

Everyone has their own version of story for not becoming who they wanted to be. The same applies to the ones who does. Whether or not to reach that far, it is all a matter of choice.

Most importantly, it is vital to know and remember: do no be a pessimist if thing doesn't turn out the way you wanted after all the hard work and persistence. Sometimes you are better off if you can take one step backward and cherish the achievements of others, especially when you get to become the person who help them becoming who they are.

Can you believe I actually reserved the movie (for 7.20pm show) the day before but the whole cinema actually had 5 of us plus one other stranger watching this awesome movie only?

Walking the Path...with Confidence

There is a card on Joie's working table which writes: The Gift of Confidence, written by Emily Matthews.

It says,

It's positive living, believing the best,
expecting your plans to work out,
It's trust you'll find
all the answers you need,
It's patience in moments of doubt.

It's thinking about an "impossible" goal
and telling yourself you can do it,
It's taking the most precious dream
in your heart
and finding a way to pursue it.

It's knowing you have
something special to offer -
your own unique talents to share,
It's taking a bright,
optimistic approach
that can open new doors anywhere.

And inside it writes,

You've accepted the challenge,
you've taken the dare,
You've chosen a path
that takes hard work and care,
And no matter how far off
your end goal may seem,
You have what it it takes
to achieve your heart's dream!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And Another New Look

I think I am still searching for the right one - I mean the template for my blog.

Sometimes I would think to myself, "how I wished I could design my own personalised and unique blog template if I know the language". Perhaps that's why I keep trying different templates hoping to find one that suits me.

It is somehow, I must admit, in my blood to find a better self.

It is a journey of constantly growing.

So let me try on this for a bit and see.

Share with me your comment, if you don't mind.

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Have Faith"

Sometimes we might be overwhelmed by worries, burdens, problems, accusations, complains, responsibilities etc until we feel suffocated. Sometimes we might come across a time where everything is so negative and hopeless until we can only feel pain and heartache. Sometimes we might found ourselves lost in life not knowing where to go or who to turn to for help until we found no strength to carry on.

I can't remember when I heard this but I can clearly remember this sentence,

To have faith is the willingness of choosing to believe,
even when there seems no sign of hope is available

(please write to me if anyone know the source of this quote)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Simple Happiness

3 days ago, Joie took an early flight to Singapore to help John to drive his stuff back to Penang so I had an opportunity to spend the day having Cindy as my company.

We went for lunch together, pampered ourselves with nice Ice-Kacang with a scoop of Peanut Buttered ice-cream. We thought that was fun enough because we like to make fun out of
making noises to have "ice-skayleng" (the hokkien way of pronouncing English's "ice-cream"). But because Cindy's boyfriend (which is my another brother) was busy that evening so we decided to go shopping for shoes. So we went to the shopping mall to do shoes hunting but it was fruitless. Right before we left we saw these drumsticks and popsicles. We looked into each other's eyes and immediately we decided to get one for ourselves.

Can you imagine we were laughing all the way enjoying that little piece of cold stuff melting in our mouth? What's so happy about eating ice-cream? Well, it is all about enjoying the fun in something to make our day. Afterall, happiness is that little cheerful heart that tells us, "cherish the joy in everything you do".

Carpe Diem!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love is in the Air

Our beloved dear friend Louise is finally in love!!!!~

As she happily announced her relationship to everyone via her blog, her facebook and personally to me through msn, I know she is all in love this time.

I know her since 2003 (according to her as I am bad with date) when she first came to Penang for a contemporary dance performance. We didn't know we could become good friends then until we maintain keeping in touch and we even did a performance together back in 2005 (if I am not mistaken).

I bet knowing someone we care for has met someone and is in love is an exciting thing to know, especially when we can even smell it in the air.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We were having a conversation about the coming up movie "LEGION". As I read from the newspaper, the director said it is merely using the biblical statement as a mean to present an action movie. And then I thought to myself about the term of "GOD" being the most powerful source (coincidentally crosses the topic of having "Allah" as the specific Islamic term solely for Muslims of calling GOD the Almighty Power).

Assuming GOD is standing at the point of seeing beyond everyone could see, HE has no bias in anything. Thus HE does what is necessary.

So I asked, "if HE (assuming there is a GOD) is to make the best decision for the sake of big picture, I suppose HE has to have the detachment in all things huh?" Well Joie's reply was kind of eye opening. He said, "Everything is the assumption of man as GOD has never spoken about anything."

I think the idea of detachment actually seeped into mind because we are facing a situation that requires detachment - the backpack trip to China and Joie's brother's wedding.

I think it is a good lesson.

Putting myself in Joie's shoes, of course we should stay for the wedding because we can always go for travel some other time. But deep down I know, it is more than the travel otherwise it will not happen at this particular time to require our wisdom.

Simplify everything to the smallest particle, breaking all barriers to the core of it, and answering this question with only the purest heart, I somehow understand: making the wisest decision takes not only detachment but also the willingness to accept the truth that we cannot please every party.

What needs to be done needs to be done.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Follow Heart

It first started in last November, when my youngest brother called from Singapore asking if we want to go on a getaway. We agreed because good bargain should always be appreciated without hesitance. So he tried very hard fighting the bandwidth to log in to the airline site to make the bookings.

It was since that day when the booking was confirmed we started counting down the day to arrive. We all were excited for that trip, until last weekend, when I got to know the wedding of Joie's only brother will be held during the trip.

Being the eldest son at home, Joie apparently has to be around for the big day. While feeling disappointed for not being able to make it for the trip I have an indescribable bad feeling for the withdraw. If we are to stay back for the wedding, that makes only my two brothers and Cindy is going for the trip.

Why is the trip happening without our presence? Maybe due to the tragic incident happened to the drangonboat team, I feel very insecure about sudden change, as if it is a sign of something.

I can't explain feeling, much more because I am more a person to rationalize things.

My heart feels fishy.

What is the wisest way to this issue?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Week

Years and years ago, I never thought I would end up marrying someone. I mean I was too boyish to the degree that almost the whole world believed and were very much convinced that I am a lesbian so I would never ever marry anyone except my gay partner in some other part of the world.

So when I started dating him, the world looked at me with that big eyes, "you dating a guy?" while I was pretty happily enjoying the company of this creature of opposite sex playing the role of complementing and perfecting my life.

Time went by and we talked about moving another step forward, towards the commitment that we both share. So we went through the registration of marriage and finally reaching the bond of two souls.

What happen next?

We do not know what's lying ahead waiting for us but we decided to walk this path together.

Been married for a week now, staying with his family but I get to go back home everyday too since our working place is there. So the most significant difference I can see so far is: The matching of two families because the two of us.

I think this bridge is bringing the love and sharing together closer. And I know both me and him is the vital key.

I am Mrs. Koo.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Married!

Just a short note: we are married, 10th Jan 2010.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Embrace Every Single Step

2009 is gone, just like all the years we have said goodbye to.

Perhaps every mark of the year may seem the same yet so different in many ways, I somehow see the little markings in life that pointed out how ordinary things can become special when one's mind shift.

I celebrated my new year eve at BAR36, a new bar in town shared by my brother with his friends. Honestly it's been years I didn't practice going to the BAR/BISTRO/PUB for countdown. But since this new place just opened and it's some kind of "family" so I took the initiative to have fun.

It's great to share the moment with friends, much more meaningful because I am getting married soon.

It feels very different knowing that I am saying goodbye to my very "mind-my-own-business" single life for good. Although we're registered since October 2008 but it is very different then than 1 week from now because after next Sunday, I'll officially be known as Mrs. Koo.

It is THAT OFFICIALLY until everyone who know I am getting married will know my status is changed.

Well, life is a series of unknown events, I know. But perhaps marching into this one seems so significant so it kind of give me a real good thought about it.

We plan the whole thing fullyheartedly because we really want to make this day a special one.

The wedding we host might not be a very luxurious one, nor something everyone would have expected it to be. But deep down we let our heart lead the way because we care not solely on the bonding and matching of the two of us but to bring forward our heartiest message to each and every guest that we invite to witness this marriage - we thank you for being a part of our lives.

2010, marks the milestone of my life - starting a new one becoming the wife of someone I love.

Just like a baby walking the steps - every little ones count.