Friday, May 29, 2009


Time flies.

I've been with Lifeworks for almost a month now. Got my new pay yesterday but the amount somehow did not turn out to be what I expect.

I tried work out the possible reason(s) for the difference hoping I could sort it out myself without asking but turns out I fail to get the answer.

I know I have been ignoring my real and true feeling for the sake of other people's priority and one thing that I must learn is to know how to express my true self so that I can align my head and heart.

I am learning...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Love of the Family

Lifeworks got its soft launch on the same day my dad celebrates his birthday as well as the day Malaysian celebrates Wesak Day so you can imagine how my day is filled with a series of events, including traffic jam.

Actually everything was supposed to be ok - Lifeworks in the morning till evening and continue to the restaurant for birthday dinner, except the journey between 2 places was all congested due to the Wesak Day parade.

Lifework is in Pulau Tikus while the restaurant is in Macalister Road. The distance isn't very long, but the traffic ate most of the road. So a journey of this, approximately 10mins:

becomes this:

which took us more than 30min to reach.

Anyway, we reached somehow and because we were in the VIP room so we shared all our fun without worrying about how others see our stupid look and even manage to see the parade from the window.

Top: (from left) Marvin, Cindy, John, Doris, Joie
Bottom: Mom & Dad

Happy Anniversary dad and mom. May you both love each other more everyday, and stay healthy & happy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beginning a Different Journey

Today is the first day I start this new work. What's on the surface doesn't seem so different from what I did for the past 15years (MAN, age is really catching up!) but the very first day has given me a very different prospect - I am not only doing what I did all these while.

In fact, I learn.

Yes I learn.

How we get along, with heart. A true heart that we share our values and true feelings but never take words personally or having hard feelings.

The morning was interesting. The locksmith shared his experience with me. From a series of different little wisdom I realize how incredible he is. The casual chat taught me a lot, and he's even very kind to have bought me strawberry milk when he went out to catch a drink. Thank you Mr. Lim, for the very precious and wonderful sharing. From you I learn it isn't about how people treat you but how you see yourself and how you wisely utilize life teachings and experiences to become the best way to present yourself. Thank you very very much...

The work ends with another great conversation too. Jenn threw her heart out shared her views and how she'd tried to figure out why I am always being left behind for different activities. And yes it isn't about what lady boss say or how our values/understanding conflicts but how all these information works together to bring out the real and true feelings inside. Thank you Jenn for showing me that point of ponder. And Tristen, thanks for always look after me like a big brother showing your care and concern.

I look forward to the Open Channeling tomorrow with Toni to see beyond the horizon.

And Jenn, thanks for being so close at heart. Besides this, my most sincere appreciation on your understanding and acceptance that I am ready to change position even I'm there for just a few days. Hugz, you're always my favorite darling (sadhu sadhu sadhu).

From left: (top) Tristen, Jennifer, Doris
(bottom) Doris, Joie, Tristen, Jennifer

And honey, thank you for always believing in me providing me the best support in every pursue I make.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Make Life Works

The past one week has been rather overwhelming. Of what? Jenn has decided to become spiritual, I mean really spiritual, by setting up a holistic centre and she's gathered people who can contribute a little of themselves to make the big picture complete. And I am one of the many who join the workforce. So basically I was there helping up the preparation from about 10 in the morning until late at night and yesterday was the soft launching of the centre.

From Monday onwards that place will be a centre that provides health care through karuna yoga (and pilate soon, I guess) and spiritual wellness via channeling and a series of different guidances including oracle cards reading, and also healing process. Besides this, there will be different workshops from well-known tutors and channelers from all over the world from time to time to help people alleviate their spiritual consciousness and wellbeing.

If I am not mistaken this would be the first centre of its kind in Penang that provide such services and I believe with the increasing stress level due to busy lifestyles the centre is able to provide a very good balance to help people ease the pressure.

Please drop by LIFEWORKS for more details.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Unleash the Real You - Even it's a beast

Yesterday was kinda memorable - I settled my income-tax matter (like it's a big deal huh) and we went to cinema for X-men Origins: Wolverine. Oh yes, Joie knows I like to see Hugh Jackman and he's very very sweet to have bought the ticket in advance to secure a good seat.

Well honestly speaking it isn't as good as I hoped it would but it's ok. I mean (probably I was paying more attention on seeing Hugh than the story itself) this one is meant to reveal how Jimmy become Logan then into Wolverine. So the story is not very strong, not so much in showing his real feeling but focusing more on the entertainment side. You know, the six-packed and very sexily exposed hairy chest, even naked back running on the field giving women heart attack.

Anyway, I still like it (like I said it could be because of Jack instead) because I think one thing about this movie is about accepting the true us.

Both Kayla and Stryker has a very different perspective but thought-provoking sentence:
Stryker's - Become the animal. Embrace the other side.
Kayla's - You are not an animal.

We may not necessarily act on it but at least we acknowledge the real person inside. Sometimes it could be cruel because the so called "the other side of me" may not be very appealing and we'll have problem embracing the true self. But knowing that we do not surpress the feeling of knowing ourselves doesn't mean releasing the wilderness to become our practice. It allows us to understand and accept who we really are so that we can find the way to bring out the best in us.

So, when you're offered "I promise you will have your revenge", remember "we all got a choice, Son. " But always make sure you have your true self understood.

That, is what I have learned.