Friday, July 31, 2009

Ready! Get Set.........................................................wait, let me fasten my seat belt, GO!!!!!

Entering the month of August indicating another milestone for me - let's write. I am putting all my previous works and efforts and time I've enjoyed in my writing world into a significant and productive action - teaching writing meditation.

You heard me right, I am teaching writing meditation.

Almost everything has its useful side. It's just a matter of how you bring that benefit out. So for those of you who really wish to see your heart, without saying anything to anyone, come join me with this journey.

Let's write!!

(Every Saturday 4pm, only at Lifeworks)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123

It is a remake of 1974's same name movie.

The Taking of Pelham 123, Year 1974

I didn't expect anything (once again it is proven that without expectation one gets more satisfaction in the end) although I have always liked Denzel and John.

To me watching them in the movie is a pleasure. I am always fascinated by the degree an actor into the role he/she plays. It doesn't matter what kind of role one is playing because most importantly is to give life to the character.

I like the movie, much because of the style, the shooting, and how the director deliver the metaphor.

There're a few lines and scenes that I really love. But most of all, I like how it show the emphasis on giving a sense of purpose on every life.

We often forget that we are each and every one of us common yet uniquely special. All we need to do is really look and listen, and find that place that this world need us to be.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Matter Most?

I've been asking myself this question ever since the news that Yasmin Ahmad's decease. Perhaps I am hoping to get a little deeper into seeing my life rather life itself because somehow life differs, which I believe, when people treat it differently.

That day was a memorable day, not because she passed away but I so happen to experience another event that give me a great impact - seeing the view about life and country of a 55-year-old Contemporary Dance pioneer, Datin Marion D'Cruz. And both events just gave me a big big shock, which I can't simply let it flow away just like that.

In Marion's performance, she talked a lot about her younger years. There were more laughters than tears, and more thinking than watching. All through her journey she shared her opinion, with humour but it actually filled with thought provocative statements. And then I thought to myself: how do I see the one life that I have?

I find it very interesting because I found there is one thing in common that we matter: how can we really take what we have inside and show them to the world? We care about so many things and yet we feel helpless when we see things got deteriorated way before it has reach its full maturity.

"Cikgu, kita cubalah!" (note: "teacher, we try-lah"; Malaysian tend to use "lah" at the end of sentence, which has no proper meaning but to show how informal thing is)

Is this a positive or negative statement? Perhaps it depends on the tone when one is speaking this. But please tell me what will happen with constant Gostan-Forward (note: Gostan, moving backward in Malaysian-English) movement?

My eyes got tears when I laughed through her humourous way of showing her aches and concerns, and I heartiestly feeling the same as she did.

And when the news of Yasmin Ahmad came before my eye, I once again ask myself: what matter most if tomorrow never comes?

Yasmin Ahmad (July 1, 1958 - July 25, 2009)
(Please visit Yasmin's blog: The Storyteller and the new one The Storyteller, Part2)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quite a Trip!

It was months ago when I first saw Jetstar's commercial about: (1) having Penang-Singapore direct flight; (2) a promotion on airfare. The timing is perfect because the period coincide with Joie's birthday. So I asked him, "Would you like to go somewhere for birthday?" Well, not the first class type of seat but the price is really breath-taking. So he thought for a while and answered, "of course!"

And that just makes us on the mood of counting down the holiday since then.

Both of us are not shopaholic so we do not bother about Mega Sale. Instead we spent much of our time having the pleasure in the museum. Sound boring? Not at all! Because we love taking photographs so our plan was just right for us.

Basically we touched down around 10.30am and it took us less than 30min to reach John's place, right before he's getting off for work. He had a Bali turn that day so we'd see him in the evening. We took a cab to the nearest MRT station, fed our stomach with Mee Siam and Nasi Bali (as John took us to during the previous trip).

We continued our journey (or shall I say "started our journey" instead) by visiting SAM or Singapore Art Museum as well as National Museum of Singapore. Apparently the time wasn't enough but we got to rush home by 7pm as John's coming back so we left and squeezed into the very packed MRT which we realized the train actually arrive every 1min and still full (can imagine how many people actually residing in Singapore).

Had a very delicious dinner at DianXiaoEr. Oh we were too hungry so the food just got down our tummy before we manage to think about taking photographs of them.

There isn't much to say about the following day except we went for a concert. That was explosive! The lighting, the sound and how I enjoyed being carried away by the songs. The night ended by having very very late dinner at McD - 1.30am, taking McSpicy (much better than Spicy Chicken McDeluxe here in Malaysia).

The final day was rather comfortable as we followed John to airport as he's being activated to make another turn and we spent our time in Changi Airport Terminal 3 until boarded. The lunch was very very very great as we're recommended to try some Singapore local food. Thanks Nicholas and Daxter for coming to send us off!!!!

From left: Daxter, Nicholas, Doris, Joie

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Believe in The Wisdom of Experience

I've heard someone shared this saying: Experience is a series of right-and-wrong-doings (but mostly wrongs), that's why one becomes experienced because one has gone through many different events (challenges most of the time).

Approximately one week ago (that's my previous post, I know), I was unsure of whether to set my foot both here and roodo (for my blog writing), or to solely stay under one roof. But today I can be sure that I want to allow myself to dive into a bigger pool to learn from what I will face and see. And so I have made up my mind: Let my Chinese Blog continue it's journey at roodo.

It isn't so different actually, although everything seem not the same. They are different because they're built by different people but they are the same because they are still blog.

So if all blogs are the same why did I leave udn in the first place. I've got to be honest I can't give any explanation for this one. It is the feeling. I've tried (but maybe I didn't try hard enough) to change my blog at udn but I couldn't. The main reason is I couldn't find the place to edit the codes and I have to stick to the preset layout/design that udn has prepared (I accessed my udn blog while writing this trying to find the place when I can change the codes). So I looked elsewhere for a replacement and I found roodo.

I encountered the similar problem in the first place but I slowly figure it out that all I need is a little more effort to learn and understand what I don't know. That's why I have decided to follow that journey which seem not so easy as the one I have figured out in blogger.

I will continue my quest, and also go back to udn to find way to solve the problem I had there. It is not surprise I will be writing 3 blogs someday when I got everything sort out because I know different blogs that I have serve different purposes.

All I need is to really understand is why I am here now.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Deciding the Final Place to Reside

I was discussing with Joie this morning on our way to breakfast whether shall I finalize my Chinese blog's address: at roodo or blogger.

Honestly I have tried out the setting and things over there at Roodo and have found blogger better. But I thought Roodo is a blog made special for Chinese writers so I should settle down there instead of handling two blogs here in blogger. However I somehow realize I have difficulty setting my foot there because the whole layout and interface are not as convenient as blogger. So am still thinking: shall I stick to the choice that I made or to change when it is still early?

What do you think? (My chinese blog address is:

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Some Adjustment Made

After June I am no longer with Lifeworks in terms of Admin job. Without having to sign in at Lifeworks from 11am to 8pm, I am readjusting myself.

First of all, I need to prepare myself. Although I am very much available for healing that I do ok (don't say best coz I am still improving every way I can) but the most prioritized preparation I need to do is the class I am going to start in August.

That's why I am taking my blogging time here at blogger to build another blog in roodo (in here). So what's the difference since both are still blog? For the moment of time the only difference you can see is LANGUAGE. That's right, I am using English here but I am writing Chinese in another.

And so why do I have to make 2-language blogs instead of focusing on one? Well, the whole story begins with my mother tongue I would say. I am writing an English blog because I want to polish my command of English whereas Chinese is my main language. I am sticking to my first language because I realized I need to maintain what I am more proficient so that I can improve and learn at the same time.

However the progress in building my Chinese blog isn't very smooth as I intend to create my own blog design and with the no knowledge about computer language I ought to try out every possibility I can.

Anyway, I know I can make it (just like I did this blog except this one is much easier with the help of blogger's structure in its layout and things like that) but I just need to find out bit by bit.

Why make my life so difficult when I can seek help from experts to get my thing done in just a few clicks? I think it is the beauty of learning process - it takes time but I get to taste the fruit after working.

For the time being, pardon me for being slow in updating my blog as I need to split myself into "ENGLISH & CHINESE MODE".

Friday, July 03, 2009


Joie's company provides IT solutions. Among the clients from different fields there is one particular type that is very "interesting".

Yep, interesting with inverted commas.

To make things simple, let me put it this way: there are direct customers - ones who contact us directly via leads/recommendations; and indirect customers - ones who represented by somebody (who usually known as "contractor") to become the bridge between two ends.

The "interesting" that I am referring to is the latter, which usually appear in one very common situation - TENDER PROJECTS.

They are our brothers of different race, having the privilege to be involved in business/opportunities without needing any cost, knowledge or skill. All they need is their participation in the tender, win the tender (don't know how), and then start looking for sources like Joie's company to do the work. So what's their role to be precise? They basically take a required specifications from the project, find a few dealers, get some quotations and they will do the easy markup themselves then submit the amount. That's all. They have no obligation as the obligations will fall on the people like Joie's company, who supplies them the goods and services.

Now thanks to the end customer (the government sectors/government involved sectors) who comfortably spending tax payers' money without any concern of practicality and value for money, projects like these always cost a lot of money and not knowing they end up with receiving products that are non compliance to the requested requirements.

For instance we recently received one inquiry from one of the tender projects for a local universities. Some guy has won the tender and found out the product of the price he quoted is lower grade than the required standard. So he went to see the cable guy who he appointed for a part of the project asking this cable guy to help him find the products. The cable guy came to Marvin and Joie found out there is no way we can supply a requested brand and of such standard with the price he quoted for the project because the price he quoted is only less than half of the correct product's cost.

We have only 2 choices: to supply the wrong product (but right price) or supply the quotation according to the right products. We have chosen the latter because we honour the credibility and reputation of our profession.

But how would the tender person able to fulfill the requirement when the products were already quoted wrongly?

Thursday, July 02, 2009


After working as admin staff for 2 months at Lifeworks, I have finally set my foot right and decided to move on to another stage. Yes, I know the admin work is impermanent as I have been working in admin world for thousands of years and joining Lifeworks is definitely not another place for me to stuck in the same admin job.

So after getting used to the "Chi" at Lifeworks, I am making my another step - stop the admin job and start preparing myself for the thing I intend to do at Lifeworks.

No rush, because I need some time to compile the materials and make some preparation so the whole thing will only start in August. For the time being I'll sink myself down (just like always).

July is a great month, especially 2009's.

It is the platform which I step down from the previous train and getting ready for another ride. It is a solid ground that allows me to feel stable.

"One step at a time," I tell myself.

One step at a time it is...

(*extracted from Jordin Sparks' song ONE STEP AT A TIME)
We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There is no need to rush
It is like learning to fly or falling in love
It's gonna happen and it's supposed to happen
That we find the reasons why, one step at a time