Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Day of Remembrance

My last post was in July.

After such a break (for 3 months) comes a day that is going to be remembered for another reason - my birthday, also the same day the world remember the passing of Steve Jobs.

My friend said to me, "birthday is the day we remember how our mother had gone through big pain to bring us here in this world. We should be grateful for that, especially on this very day".

I replied to him saying, "well I am grateful for everyday since that great pain because it is from that day onwards I get to witness and experience all the wonderful things around me".

And then I realized this day also mark another special message - with the passing of a great person, who had brought the world a different dimension in seeing and enjoying connection with style and personality, not only inspired so many young souls but also motivated such different perspective in seeing things, everything in our life is a creation of our believe and effort.

Leave no regret when we are to waive this world goodbye.

We can do great things. We can, however, do better in doing small things with great love.

To Steve Jobs (1955-2011): thank you for your big message. For you have done your part to this world in this life, may you be in a better place in the next continue to become more inspiring.