Monday, May 24, 2010

A journey down to confronting life's events

A trip to JiuZhaiGou is arranged since end of last year. The best time to see that place is October and John had fought with others over the bandwidth to get into the everyone can fly airline's server to make that purchase. 5 of us going on backpacking waiting to explore the scenery that we have long heard. Both me and Joie are so excited about it.

But it seems thing has decided not to happen the way we thought it would be.

We learned that his brother is getting married right in the middle of our trip 2 months after everything is set. I can recall vividly it was an evening when we were driving my monther-in-law and our future sister-in-law to a relative's wedding dinner. I asked whether the date for the wedding is confirmed since we were told it'll fall in August. Kym quickly answered, "ya, it's October 23rd for the reception and 24th for the ceremony".

"But I thought you both said it'd be in August?" I said. "Oh no, we have decided to choose October instead" she replied.

The tickets purchased on special offer have no way to change date except paying much more than buying new tickets. The only way is to change the wedding date, for as long as there is restaurant to accommodate the guests for reception.

Time flies, nothing fruitful has come about yet.

Everyone thinks the same: it's just a trip, you can always go other time. Unlike getting married, it's once a lifetime thing.

Little did they even know: it is a backpack trip which means all members go as a team. We can't simply back off from everyone else being such a irresponsible person.

So what outcome is awaiting ahead?

I wonder..........

Monday, May 17, 2010

All We Want is the Truth

I was with the waiting of the result of SIBU by-election last night. And while waiting I surfed the net watching what others have to say about their expectation and hope in this event. I must show my heartiest appreciation to the convenience of modern technology which enables people to access to information and most of all, the sources of information.

There are times we got blocked from accessing certain information that some authority may not want us to know so that we are kept ignorance from the truth. With the sufficient flow of information, we should always equip ourselves with one thing: detachment. Because we need to be able to see the big picture as well as the details of things so that we can be more rational in thinking and also be more mature in analyzing. Most importantly, it is our rights to know.

Whether it is politic or other perspectives one thing that really matter is we ought to learn to become independent and develop an all-round-consideration-power to elevate our comprehensive understanding ability.

With that intention in mind, I hereby present you this video clip:-

Friday, May 14, 2010

First Love & Last Love

I just read from a posting on my friend's Facebook wall, which says "Our first love and last love is self love".

Her comment about this statement is "self love?"

I asked her, "Why? You doubt?"

I came across another statement quite some time ago whereby a very good friend said, "One who wishes to love others must love him/herself first. You just can't give away all the love without doing that to yourself."

Another friend of mine once said, "if you ask a little girl 'who's prettier, you or me?' she'll mostly end up patting her own chest saying 'I am' and that sort of honesty comes from the untaught self love".

So what's the love that we see in ourselves?

There is a silver lining between self love and selfish. But having the capability to love ourselves is a nature that we have without being taught. We somehow grow up learning how to share this love with people around us and sometimes we end up giving too much to others than ourselves because of our desire to receive attention in return. But most importantly is this love is something we always carry in us help making who we become.

So by understanding that love is something we appreciate as a gift not only to people but also to ourselves, we found that beauty in each and every person that is vital to create loving life - everyone is loved.

It may sound a little abstract but the simplest and direct way of saying self love is: are you seeing yourself in others? Do you see others in you too?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Freezes time

No one can ever do this, I mean freezing time.

Although much of the intentions are focusing on making some particular special moments to stay without fading (mostly happy times) but none of these idealistic idea has ever succeed in doing so. That makes taking photographs a very useful way of keeping such memory.

Ever since I got a camera of my own, I have found out that the seconds we go through everyday are as precious than any valuable jewelries in the world. Every little split seconds that we spent on doing something or even nothing is not repeating itself anymore and whether we have used it doing anything or nothing is considered done already.

To me, of course I cannot really capture every single second with my camera but I have learned to become more appreciative with the happenings around me. Not to say immersing myself into the moments like an addict but to really see the beauty of it's existence even if it seems meaningless.

caption: 25 years they've been standing there silently
giving all the supports that countless travelers need to get from and to mainland.