Thursday, July 07, 2011

Love that remains

It's the pictures from a family cum dear friend (a.k.a. darling) that gave me the idea of writing this post.

The title goes like this: photoshooting weekend - 7th July 2011, and the album consists only a few random shots, taken using handphone in the car.

Driver is the groom-to-be, bride-to-be is sitting next to him. Parents of bride-to-be as well as the photographer at the back seat.

Obviously it is a trip for the wedding portraiture shooting.

And yes, parents are tagging along.

I bet some will give me the look of "What? What is the point parents following?" while others might probably say "how sweet the parents care so much to the little detail of their baby's wedding".

Ever since my dad's passed on, we siblings have been taking our mom together to almost everywhere we go. Well not that we did not do so when our dad's still around, but he wasn't keen in going out with us (at least not too often) and so mom will always accompany him. Thus the most we could do was to have family meal together as often as possible. That's the only time dad's keen (everybody eats).

The idea of "accompanying" comes from the concern of "spending time together". We do not want to let mom feeling alone or left behind, which will eventually make her misses dad even more; but most importantly is we want to have the chance to really appreciate the time we can spend together.

What's the point of having time spent together? Those are the moments that will become the most precious afterwards.

No matter what we are doing for as long as we do it together.

That is the best thing that nurtures the love, and eventually the memory, both share.