Friday, April 30, 2010

The Wisdom of Cracking Jokes

Sometimes even having that sense of humor isn't working and I learn the lesson about cracking a joke - it takes, definitely, more than the joke itself and the intention of it (despite the sense of humor that I just mentioned).

Sometimes the air runs thin and people starts to feel a little uneasy about the topic of discussion so someone would usually break the situation with some little lame and cheap joke. It has no special intention but to shift that tension away.

Sometimes they work if people just laugh their way out from the seriousness. Other times, it frozen the air even more. Especially when that stupid joke was not being taken as a joke but an embarrassment, or it's inappropriateness to exist.

So I realize chain reaction is a good point of ponder. One leads to another and everything will be totally different should a break takes it's place right.

The problem is: we just never know what is going to be right, either the timing or the topic, for the joke. I took the initiative, and it ended up badly.

Well, what can I say? What's more important than the motive of easing the air? Wisdom, perhaps, which I need.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being an Editor

I love to write. People who know me know that. But little did I realize I have been an editor for Lifeworks' newsletter for almost a year now. Isn't that awesome? Although the newsletter doesn't need much of my writing, but I get to write to numerous reader every month in a very short paragraph of words talking about mine and the centre's idea that come together to the people. It is like having an obligation of making my heartfelt feeling visible and hopefully creating an impact, positive one, on those who are connected.

I believe there lives a teacher, a good one in terms of attitude and discipline, in everyone's heart. This teacher teaches us and through our thoughts, words, actions and responses we help cultivate that morale among one another.

While others might probably using melodies to convey their message, I seek the organization of words to spread the spirit of speaking the heart. Through the responsibility I hold I learn to make my words reading-friendly, and easier to digest. In Mandarin there is a saying about good writing, it is called Shen Ru Jian Chu (深入簡出). It means a good writing must be easy to understand but thought provoking.

Here are a few samples which I have done over the months.

Let me know your comment after seeing them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Shutter Island in Everyone of Us

We go through life as it is a series of events. We encounter different incidents along the way and only god knows how they have impacted us from one stage to another.

These ups and downs have sometimes being decided to stay by our brain without our awareness. We then carry it's weight over our shoulder as we carry on walking the following road, and also bear it's existence living in our heart for a long time.

Sometimes it grows and sometimes it fades, other times it may be recalled and reminded to step up to surface again replaying the images before our eyes to pull that trigger of feelings.

How can we deal with it?

Shadow grows when light dims. For we cannot surrender ourselves to darkness and consumed by shadow, let it fall behind us and walk on gracefully. For although it would still be following us but let it remain a part that has been put to sleep. It may be reawaken but it will be harmless if we do not practice forced detachment.

Embrace every part, even it is pain. Just don't dwell with it, that's all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The One Person We Can Count On

There is a very popular video showing a special someone who we can really depend on.

I like this video a lot as it gives me goose bumps every time I see it. I like the idea of it. I like the motive behind it. And I like the presentation and also the effect it creates.

I am not kidding.

So who is this special someone that actually create such impact? Follow the steps and you will see and understand why I cheer for this effort. Picture this really become real. Feel the tingling inside your chest. Feel the passion burning inside your soul and start making that big ambition come true.

There are 2 copies for me, which each carries different impact.
(1) The Hero ver. 1
(2) The Hero ver. 2

(for the real link, click on the above)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sometimes to break life down to the simplest term is to see it from the very plain and pure perspective - to look at (only)one thing at a time.

That is how wisdom happen.

We read from the philosophers, we listened to people's experience and realization, we watched others got up and out from challenges, and we apply all that we have gathered in our action to make it ours.

How are these lessons be relevant to us if we have never stood in the situations?

Thus mistakes are merely an opportunity to make things right and downfalls are meant to make us rise and shine.

All through the different obstacles that I have had before got me one message straight in my face and to my heart & mind - you never know what you can do until you are challenged.

Pay close attention to these whispers, they are everywhere assisting.

What makes us stronger are the challenges we face,
the obstacles we overcome, and the achievements we make.
A positive attitude can create remarkable remarks.
Use your mind, your body and your soul to create, achieve and live your goals...

Friday, April 02, 2010

Back to the Root

Life is full of experience, whether it impacts people positively or negatively (well the positive and negative here is referring to the direct impact only, not attitude or perception wise).

For instance, we see something irritating (which it could mean nothing at all to others) and of course the immediate feeling is IRRITATED. So I assume this irritation is something we usually classified as negative. Now most of us see this irritation, without looking into the reason of it happening. Our awareness, yes it happened, until what we are impacted directly, and not down to the understanding of it taking place.

Yes, people might probably say, "how tiring it is if we'd to look into the depth of everything. (And some may say) By knowing what happen and how to react with grace is good enough."

Is it good enough?

It is, if you are looking at the immediately layer beneath that surface. It isn't, if you are realizing there's a whole lot more to be taken into consideration besides the scenario itself.

When we see trouble, the immediate responds we would have is either: avoid it; or delay it; or solve it; or study, understand and resolve it.

What is our common practice towards trouble? I bet we hardly stretch ourselves to reaching "study, understand and resolve". The best is usually until "solve it".

Let us imagine there is a tree right in front of us. Seeing from afar, we see the overall appearance - trunk, branches and leaves. Closer as we move towards it, we see the color of respective parts of the tree. By standing by it, we see the skin of the trunk, the way the branches and leaves grow and things that might be attaching to it. When we put our hands against it, we feel the texture, and as we climb the tree we understand how the branches and leaves grow. We know about the health condition of such tree without cutting it down to examine (by observing the symptoms we can collect from its leaves, branches and trunk) or even knowing the growth of its roots without digging it out from the soil (by digging only the soil by the tree to observe whether it is a single or fibrous root tree and how it get to the source of water and nutrients).

Besides all the things we can see with our eyes, what about "where, how, when, why" it comes?

There is a reason for everything.

Pause, and think about it.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Archangel Michael

Yesterday I used a deck of Oracle Cards to seek guidance about the matter regarding buying a house. Apparently we have seen some place that we really like but it seems difficult for us to own. Yes, I'd say "it seems" because we haven't really contacted the bank or anything but by just looking at the price itself.

Everyone knows buying a house is a long-term commitment.

And then my dad came to say that "it's too far", "it'd be very difficult if you want to resell/or even the resell value isn't high" etc so everything just added up to become a big pressure over our shoulders.

Well honestly we both know it is a bit far from town and I don't particularly enjoy the travel so much either especially we have to do that day in day out. But we just can't fight the feeling that we have when we stood there at the place and felt the surrounding.

Of course we want that for ourselves but we're draw back in the fear of not being able to support and the head is trying to reason things out by saying "settle for something more practical".


I thought it's merely some encouragement. So I went on to online deck this morning and found Him again. This time he said, "Rapid change is often unsettling and can be stressful, but only because it seems to be too rapid and therefore threatening. Remember that you have agreed on the higher level to be part of the change, and that the changes are to bring in Light, Love, Joy and Abundance.
Operate from your Heart rather than your head. If there is fear, then it is coming from your head. Stay grounded and open, and be practical. If you are in the flow of Divine Creative energy, then you cannot fail.

Archangel Michael is making his presence know to you. Remember that you are Safe and Protected at all times, and that all is in Divine Order at all times! If you trust Divine Order, and not your old habits, you will be fine! God and the angels will help you stay true to yourself during trying times."
We believe in connection - the intuitive feeling that tells the most truthful word without overburden thoughts. If that's what good for us, please help us to get there.