Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fatherly Love - Despicable Me

I've never been read a bedtime story when I was young. In fact, I can hardly remember the sleeps I had around my parents. I slept with grandma when I was too afraid to sleep alone, and moved to a room of my own as I returned home from my relative's for weekends or school holiday when I grew older.

Parents of mine are not the type that will hug me in their arms and tell me they love me, nor sat beside my bed to read me story and kissed me good night putting me to sleep.

It's common in traditional Asian family.

So when I saw Gru who had never tasted but willing to show the kind of love and attention I wanted, my eyes got into tears being touched by the warmth. It is fairly rare for movies to talk about fatherly love, much more from one whose ambition is to become the biggest heist but end up being penetrated by 3 little girls - Margo, Edith and Agnes.

The movie was overall ok, with the existence of a bunch of minions and he's adopted daughters. I tell you Agnes and those minions just made my day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is it that your mind is trying to tell you?

It is said that we have only got a small portion of our mind explored by conscious, and the remaining is all in our subconscious and dreams. While we know from the study and research report saying that our left brain controls analytical ability whereas right brain focuses on creativity, we haven't really fully understand what this central controlling mechanism - why does it functioning such a way and what is it that the brain trying to tell.

I think the evolution has come to the point where our intellectual meets our spiritual awareness. And by acknowledging we are both rational and emotional, we are becoming more aware of our current state of mind. With that we know: we are indeed a very powerful living, just not yet fully realized and awaken.

But we are getting there if we believe and try.

At least Christopher Nolan is giving me this impression and feeling, from his The Prestige, Batman Begins, Batman: The Dark Knight and the latest production Inception.

This Sci-Fi movie emphasizes how we can dig in to our mind (whether to use it the right way or not is not an issue here as 'Inception' is not a Crime movie). Assuming the different actors in the movie plays the different roles our mind is capable of, what do you think your mind is trying to tell you?

A 2.28hour thriller that is definitely taking serious viewers' breath away. And don't say I never warn you in the first place: you will never stop wanting for more once you start asking.

Is it even an issue at all whether this life is a dream or reality? After all, it's a process of the game don't you think?

I highly rate this movie because I really enjoy how Christopher Nolan actually manipulate minds!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Show Time!!!!!

Two nights ago at the rehearsal, our director talked to a group of young comers. They are the ones that will help us make our performance complete - the backstage crew. A lot of people never get it - crew is of equal importance like performer. When everyone finds the stunning feel standing under the spotlight enjoying the admiration of audience, little did people realize and notice the reason that a performance can be successful is heavily depending on the support from technical side. Imagine a play of 2 hours has only the dialogue of performers, without any music and lighting design to create the ambient.

Scary right?

The show starts tonight. All the effort and hard work by each and every involved party throughout the months will fruit today.

We hope you enjoy the story, as much as we do.

See you at the theatre!

photo taken during warm up before final rehearsal

Monday, July 05, 2010

Hand in Hand

Times flies.

Joyce did "HOPE" last year where she's brought dancers of different ages together to show how this word mean to them. Another year's quickly gone by and she is back for "HOPE 2".

It just felt very amazing when the thought shifts from HOPE to HOPE 2, like we are moving from point A to point B seeing all thing's changed except the scene. Yes both were performed at the very same venue, but by different performers except Joie and Aainaa the little girl.

Joyce said HOPE 2 is still very much on "what does hope mean to different people" but the presentation this time is very different from the last one. It has gone deeper and portrays more detail.

We all gain our strength from different sources but one thing for sure is we always hold hope in us. It is something that keeps us coming back and going on.

Although it showcases 2 shows for one day only but it has certainly mean something to the performers throughout their rehearsals with Joyce and also the audience while watching them move without any audio support.

Every baby step means the universe.

Through HOPE we see the future.

Joyce has gone back to the U.S. today. Have a safe trip and we'll see you again when you come home. Lots of hugs! Thank you for showing your love and care.