Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Are Ourselves Both The Creator & Destroyer

As we continue seeking the potential future that we can ever explore, we have somehow finding a very good reason in neglecting who, or to be more precise, what we really are. Well at least it is "hope" that we are talking about and looking at, we may say.

Thanks to the advancement in multimedia and technology, movie has become more and more exciting and interesting.That we are almost able to make any projections that we have on mind into fascinating pictures, or rather movies.

For many of my friends find ideas adopted by motion picture such as Avatar a "channeled" from some place higher than human realm, I think it is rather a place in us that we keenly hoped and prayed to exist after we have seen so much cruelty we have done among one another. Deep inside us there is a place where both good and evil reside.

Seeing "SPLICE" is like asking ourselves to confront this very special place in us - it exist whether we like it or not. Of course I would say the movie isn't as interesting and beautiful as the blue creature planet because it's dark, and it has more lust and desire.

We create to destroy ourselves. How interesting is that?

Watch the movie, although I don't like it.

But I love the whole idea of it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It is time!

I paused for a while when my friend sent me a link to blogfest.

I hesitated.

I have always loved writing but things like becoming a part of blogfest has never crossed my mind. Perhaps that is why I am still way below the line from being known as a blogger. And I thought it's always very very common to be fairly unpopular as a blogger since my topic of writing is not so much of those HOT STUFF like travel, food, cultural or parenting.

But then I ask myself, "what for I write if I don't want to reach readers?" I can always write in my personal diary instead of blogging. I must have that intention of bringing forward the idea of my writings if I am a keen blogger.

So I quickly make up my mind and participate the upcoming event, which is going to be held in Penang next week.

I should make my work public, at least to a bigger group of potential reader. After all it is the passion in writing that has helped me through the times where I felt lost and realized lessons.

So if you are one of the readers here and blog at the same time as well as being one of the participants for the BlogFest 2010, please say hi when we meet on the event! It is always nice to know we are connected in the way we like - writing.

Friday, September 17, 2010


First of all, the previous post was somehow unique: I captured the picture with my mobile phone and blog it straight away, didn't realize the setting in my phone was actually heading the writing to this English blog instead of the Chinese one. So I thought just keep it here since it means something to me - when I sat in front of the statue and contemplated about the idea of Buddhism and Taoism.

Anyway, this one is about another point of ponder. Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves lost - not knowing how to go on. It could mean our direction suddenly vanishes, especially when we take the big leap in doing changes.

We first convinced ourselves that everything will be different and alright if I change my path since the one I took did not work out. Then we walk on the new journey believing things shall set straight for as long as we believe it will. Yes, sometimes it works - when "FATE" or "LUCK" does most of the work for you. Other times, it is us the reason of change - we make it right.

When making a decision our focus changes, that's why we need to adjust accordingly and that including not only our faith and mind but also our action.

ACTION is the word. We constantly need to be in the position of seeing the motion and move accordingly. It's like the fish in the stream - you either go with the flow or against the current. And that determines the destination.

And so we have gathered the courage to take a big turn, believing that we will get over the low tide. With that belief and the whole of us changed in position and operation, we will breakthrough any dilemma.

Action = Achievement

Think about it, the true meaning of the very popular Mahatma Ghandi's quote -

Be the Change You Want to See

Friday, September 10, 2010



Thursday, September 09, 2010

Give it All Out

After all, it is your dream.

And it matters.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

What About Marriage?

 just watched Sex and the City 2. Although it may not seem as interesting as I first saw Sex and the City, the idea of looking at marriage is my kinda interest (much more being entertained by the incredible costumes, which although not always look best on them but definitely stunning to see).

Carrie (Parker) is married for 2 years and she's joined the girls to the trip to Abu Dhabi, which she then ran into her ex, Aidan (Corbett) and had herself feeling bad after he kissed her. She confessed to Big (Noth) and (fortunately) he forgiven her.

Each of the other girls (Charlotte, Sam, and Miranda) got their own life lesson and realization during the trip too but one thing that Carrie's said at the end is very much the thing that I believe and practice,

"You have to take the tradition and decorate it your way"