Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blogging with Handphone

The previous post was done via my SE W660i.

I didn't intent to do that on purpose. I was just missing Joie while he is in Malihom and I am here in the city. I carry his ring which he left at home with me and thought I could take a picture of it and send it to him.

And I did.

Sent the picture message and realized I could do blogging with my mobile phone and so I try.

So after a few verification steps done, VOILA I got it up and running on my blog!

Well, nothing much.

Just missing him while he's away.

And he sent me something in return (via picture message)...

"You so guai gu" he said. ^_^

Thinking of You

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tough Enough to Bring Out the Best in Us

Ever experienced tough time, especially during the school days where there's a particular teacher who's a nightmare because he/she demanded so much until you probably hate him/her?

I was watching Season 5 America's So You Think You Can Dance when Cat (the host) interviewed the top 4 contestants and Brandon (one of the four) talks about Mia Michaels (one of the choreographers) and he mentioned about this word "TOUGH LOVE".

Many people thinks these people who demand so much are jerks and they are nothing but a bunch of morons who love to give people difficult life as to see people in miserable. I met quite a few people who'd given me experiences bad enough to convince me that I am really not up to a qualified par to deserve anything. It was like taking all my esteem away and still standing in my way looking at me with the face, "c'mon show me what you've got," or something like, "I am not letting you pass me that easily".

And then I realized it is either being taken positively or negatively - to become a motivation or a defeat depending on how we perceive it.

Without these challenges we are living in our comfort zone following our own preferred way and can never be competitive in the real world. It is very much like "healthily in a healthy world" - healthy only because the world is free of sickness, not because of having the immunity against threat.

Throughout the journey of growth, especially under such pressure and demand, I see what polish could do. They bear such a image - what never kill you just make you stronger.

And believe me, surviving the hard time is our instinct.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Noticing the True Feelings

My best buddy said to me, "I am not a good blogger like you. I don't have much to write," when I asked what took her so long to update her blog. And then I thought to myself, "do I need to be a good blogger in order to blog as frequent as possible?" (stop nodding, don't think I can't see that)

Well, I don't want to make the judgment here but at least it takes the heart rather than the standard to blog. However I must admit there are basically at least 2 types of blogger: one blog for the sake of blogging and the other for the sake of learning.

To me, blogging is meant for seeking the truth and understanding of one's heart towards things and not showing how well one can write. I don't blog for any other reason but sharing my journey of realization. It could be wrong (I have never deem myself to be right) but what matter most is I confront every single piece of it.

I might not see the truth yet but I continue seeking; I might not know the reason yet but I never stop learning. Blogging them is a way of recording my progress. It is a proof of confession which I face myself without running away from it, whether good or bad.

And every time when I put my experience and the emotions that rises up in my heart into my blog I see myself making the markings of my life. It means much more than a diary that keeps only secrets to myself because it gives me the motivation to look closely at myself when I put my thoughts into words that is easily accessible by anybody. It also teaches me the lesson that I must always be honest to myself so that I can acknowledge the issue that requires my attention, which ultimately benefits me in the way of improving myself.

Feelings kept in heart are often too emotional and they can be rather vague and hard to be understood if they are not properly sorted out. By practicing writing them down we get to see more clearly how these feelings impact us and how we can effectively understand them so to take necessary actions.

Only by being aware of our true feelings and thoughts we can become better. After all it is a series of revealing the unresolved mysteries of life, don't you think?
picture captured by my little brother, Han

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Really Ready to Say "YES"?

We often read the successful stories around the world seeing people inspiring millions of others. We often fascinated by the achievements these people have and forgot to pay attention to the journey they went through before reaching this admirable peak.

We envy people's success and said to ourselves we want to be as great as the person is, but do we really mean it too to absorb all the efforts needed for us to be there? Or we simply overwhelmed by the result but overlooked the process of getting there?

I have one writing about the inspiration I got from a movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" and I constantly write about the importance of the journey towards the destiny worth much more than the result itself.

And I believe, "there is a will there is a way."

Watch and think carefully: do you see the effort behind this? Are you ready to say YES to life?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Everyone is born a white paper. However, like every other piece of white paper, it is built with some other resources - wood, chemical, water etc, which all of those consist of other contents too.

So when we say everyone is born a white paper, it means only we are clean and pure before we get to fill the paper with things. It doesn't mean we are born with nothing.

Throughout the time we live we collected different experience along the way and start painting the paper with all sorts of things. And with all the richness we gather as we age, we realize somehow there are times we feel the need to have a sky in order for us to breath like once before.

So how do we go back to the old days when we were as pure as a piece of white paper? Apparently we cannot undo what we have done. But we can take ourselves on a tour of reversing our mind to relocate the very simple thing called "purity".

Give back your heart the peaceful place.

When you see and understand with a pure heart, you see the truth.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To See the Divinity In Another Person

It is always easy to point finger at problem. But how often do we see solution besides seeing "what's causing pain"?

Our brain is very interestingly designed in such a way that it chooses thing so differently. For example, our focus tend to have less trouble at finding "dark" than realizing the beauty of "light" - which works exactly the opposite way our eyes do. So it results in one big problem: difficult for us to get over the bad spot and reach at the good ground.

It is true. We tend to be able to precisely naming the things we don't have rather than to cherish what we do have. And so we complain. "You are not good enough; rich enough; fun enough; smart enough; tough enough etc. "

I heard from a friend of mine about her discovery from the conversation between herself and her client of tarot card reading, an ex-drug dealer. She then realized one thing: the life that this person who used to deal with something which is commonly known as a poison to life is just like Buddha once had - the extreme situations in life. And she realized too it isn't so much about what this person had done but how he's become.

Seeing the divinity in another person doesn't mean always find a good excuse for the bad things that one has done. It is rather how we allow ourselves to accept things the way they are, but not accusation and judgment.

Sometimes we tend to have problem with people and things. Instead of putting the blame on others just for the sake of victimize ourselves we ought to understand it takes more than the issue itself only to cause thing happen. What we need to do isn't finding excuses for ourselves but try to see things with a open heart.

Because one who doesn't see the divinity in others see no divinity in anything, not even in themselves.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Clear Brain

Like so many others, I was approached by a friend who joined Network Marketing years ago. I set a purpose in my head: "let me pay the ticket to step into their fortress to see how they make network works for them". I honestly admit that I am not a network marketing person but I do not stop myself from exploring. All I am interested in is their tactic. So I paid the joining fee, participated the so called conference where people get to meet those "super successful" senior and listen to their almost-the-same story - how they got from nothing to everything they want. I saw all these people in the thousands of seat gazing at the speaker and get emotionally boosted by the very "simple steps" to become successful, as if he's all surrounded by God's light.

I wasn't as emotional as they were and I wasn't all distant either.

I can still clearly recall I said something to myself and also to Joie that night, "REMEMBER ALL THESE SCENES AND THE AIM HOW THEY MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN THEM".

One thing that really stroked me that was "it is obvious that the techniques are only make believe and there are still thousands and thousands of people willingly got drawn into it". And then I start to relate the secrets of Network Marketing with the concepts and tactics I learned in my degree years - THE CHEMISTRY OF EMOTIONAL AND RATIONAL.

In other words, in order to be very successful I need to be emotionally convinced about my passion and believe in the business I do; and on the other hand I have to be rationally setting my mind in the pursuit of my dream and goal. It means I have to FEEL as intense as possible the feeling towards my business so that I get so emotionally attached until I can never shift a bit of myself from it; at the same time I must stay CLEAR at all times so that I can sensitively sense and smell anything or everything around my in order to ensure I react as effectively as needed to always stay in line towards my ultimate goal.

That is why I realize: only by having the heart and mind really working together is the true answer. Because without either one or having either one fall behind another will lead to unbalance. Too much of the head becomes stiff/wicked and one will lose his true self; too much of the heart only building the castle in the sky - which none of it will make it to the sweet fruit.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Doing Thing Right

I had my lunch a bit late today. While intending to allow myself to rest for a bit I switch on the TV and found this movie just started. It's called "SUPERNOVA", a year 2000 movie.

I find it very interesting when I notice this tiny piece of "message" came through as I decided to sit down and watch.

The medical spaceship receive a call from an 3 year-abandoned outer space mine. The captain cum pilot, after confirming the identification and careful considerations, has decided to make a dimension jump. While all crews must be safely sealed in a secured container, the captain cum pilot has without hesitance ordered everyone to take their position and taken the malfunction unit.

The ship however experienced some external impact and the programmed computer runs out of preset intelligence to handle such a situation. Without hesitance the co-pilot took the initiative to manage the critical situation but setting everything in manual mode although his colleague strong against that call. At last the co-pilot (who had become the pilot) successfully pulled the ship from crashing and managed to make other appropriate orders to engage the ship to be ready for further journey.

The one who sent them call, however, is actually the bad guy taking a disguise intending to make his way home to earth so that he could make a big fortune with the thing he got from the mine (after killing everyone). So he pretended and got on board then decided to kill everyone off when they are not tempted by the being rich proposal. The action has wasted 3 crew members (there were altogether 6) and only the co-pilot and the medical officer who had expel him from the ship and get killed by the mined material and made it through home.

There is a LEADER or CAPTAIN in everyone. It might not mean only leading others, but leading ourselves too. It is a quality that points out precisely and about what needs to be done at any given moment and doing it without hesitance . It is a quality that face obstacles and challenges not only with guts but also with the will to persevere to accomplish the task without fail. It is the core that writes the answer to all problems or thoughts.

It is the awareness of knowing exactly where does one stand.

p/s: James Spader who played the co-pilot was much more nice looking 9 years ago; and the bad guy was played by Peter Facinelli, one who acted the father of Robert Pattinson in the recent movie TWILIGHT.

My Way of Expression

Given a good timing to let myself sink in to clear away the thoughts that have been clouding me for some time. I am examining myself - in terms of expression and also my standing ground.

I had 3 months time at Lifeworks which I had a great time putting myself together to adjust myself from as many angles as possible. Then I realize quite a number of active thinking work pops up one after another wanting to see how I have worked through the days I had.

By once again involving myself in the business world is a very indescribable feeling. Very much because I can see the thinking part has comes alive and the heart found a ground which I never have realized before - a place where I find balance between demand and revise. I come to understand that heart knows by itself things sometimes need a very vivid image and firm grip, even it may seem a little difficult.

I recall the days when I had to really go into the deepest part of my heart to pour out every single feeling and thought in order to understand what and how things I have been through are becoming the best teacher in my life.

I know I am taught.

I have moved from standing on a high ground deeming to be the toughest to be taken down to putting myself here to accomplish my task by voicing only what my thoughts can contribute. I know I need to work hard on polishing my way of expression but at the same time I shall not take it as the reason/excuse for not doing my best to make the relevant points available.

It is ironic when seeing facts being wrapped in layers of avoidance. It is like acknowledging the truth but not doing anything about it.

Somehow I am still thinking: How to make positive balance with negative? Is it by discharging or infusing?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Ultimate Drive

I guess this video says it all.