Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Michael Fassbender in SHAME

        It's a real world. If you are in the train and someone is looking at you. It very much depends on the look of the person who stares at you, for you to decide whether it is a treat or a threat.

        It applies to both men and women.

        Well I would love to see more of Brandon's (Michael Fassbender) story than only his connection, interaction or behavior only although it is intense looking and feeling his loneliness and distance from people around him. But I like his acting. He kept me wondering what's running in his head when he sat/lied there alone.

I like movie that takes in not only the emotion but also the real side of life. And a good film can have nudity and sex scene yet still make no porno feel.

       Carey Mulligan sings well. But I still like better how Michael actually shed that drop of tear when looking at his sister singing.

       Loneliness is like a big shadow.

       It consumes people.

And it is sad to know that more and more people succumb to this monster. Perhaps that is why this movie became the 2nd highest grossing (17 million) by the end of its theatrical run.


Danusia Jurandówna said...

I like your article. You wrote it well.
But as to the movie - I don't like it. I saw it and it seems to me not sad, but tedious...

Black Rose said...

It really was an intense movie. I really enjoyed your review of the film.

Doris said...

Danusia: Thank you for liking my blog. Different people tend to have different perception even on the same thing. ^_^

Black Rose: Thank you for letting me know. Have a pleasant day.

salangane said...
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